Things to avoid when your favorite movies are out

Are you a movie passionate for Tamil movies in Dubai? If so, then you would do all you can to make sure that you don’t miss your favorite movie that is to be released this month. But, there are a few things you need to do upfront. After all, you may not be the only person who will be willing to attend the show. Thousands will be there, and who knows, many may have already booked their tickets in advance. Have you done that? If not, then you should look to do it as quickly as possible, else you will not be able to get one. If you have plans to attend the show with family, then you should book multiple tickets and do that in a hurry before they run out of tickets. You really don’t want to be the person who is standing in the rush waiting for his turn at the eleventh hour. That practice must be avoided at all costs. 

Never miss the early review

Though the movie will be released later in the month, the review is already out. You don’t want to miss the review at any cost. Grab your favorite Bollywood magazine and you will likely find the story in it. Keep in mind that the storyline will be general, and not in great detail for obvious reasons. That said, it will present a general outline and the plot of the movie. You will also get to know about the roles your favorite stars be performing in the movie.

Avoid the rush

You must not delay buying tickets at all costs. Don’t do what else you will likely not get one. Here in Dubai, tickets of Bollywood movies run out faster than a formula 1 car so you better keep that in mind. Always look to book your tickets online if you can as it will help you reserve the tickets in advance. It will also save you from standing for your turn during rush hours or busy workdays.

Lastly, always read reviews from neutral experts and look for articles in newspapers. Though you may have known a little about the movie from the magazine you read earlier, it is good to know neutral Bollywood movie reviews on the movie so that you know what to expect. Keep your hopes high until you watch the movie and as a rule of thumb, maintain your excitement.

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