8 major causes of death in today’s world

More and more people are dying as the years are passing. There are many causes of it. Some of them are:

  1. Depression: Depression is the rising cause of death in the world, nowadays, because major or severe depression can make a person to suicide and suicide is the second biggest causes of death in the age bracket of 15 to 29 year old children and adults.
  2. Accidents: unintentional injuries, like falling from the building because of being involved in work or car accidents are another major cause of death. Currently, around 161,374 people die every-day because of these accidents.   
  3. Heart Disease: Whether we agree with it or not but weight and happiness has importance. Because of increased level of stress and improper diet, majority of humans die every year because of heart disease. More than 600,000 die with them.
  4. Respiratory Diseases: Increment in air pollution that has been resulting in less oxygenated air in the surrounded, there are many humans suffering from respiratory diseases, especially Asthma. More than 150,000 people die of it.
  5. Cancer: It is one of the biggest cause of death. More than 500,000 people die of it every year. In most of the cases the cause of having cancer is intake of alcohol, smoking, is being obese, having family history of cancer, and having high exposure to radiations and sunlight. 
  6. Diabetes: More and more people have high intake of sugary foods and liquors due to which the patients of diabetes are rising. Every year, around 80,000 people die of diabetes. However, most of them have Diabetes type 2 while remaining have Type 1. Type 1 means that it the disease runs in family but Type 2 means that there is problem in your diet.
  7. Stroke: Stroke is killing more than 140,000 humans. Majority of them are either smokers, patients of heart disease or they are suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. In stroke, the blood stops passing to brain because of damaged blood vessel or it has thick line of cholesterol or fat. 
  8. Alzheimer’s disease: More than 110,000 people die of it every year. Most of them are more than 65 years old. The disease; however, can be prevented by keeping body and brain active by doing exercise and being involved in mindful activities.

So, these are few major causes of death. Most of them are disease but we can prevent accidents. To prevent the, keep in contact with safety harness suppliers in UAE and tarpaulin suppliers in UAE and have safe and better life.

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